Hello, I'm Stella Aquino, and my journey through the world of Philippine real estate has been a lifelong passion. With over a decade of experience in asset management, private markets and a deep connection to this beautiful archipelago, I've made it my mission to unlock the full potential of the Philippines' real estate market and share its unique charm with you.


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Market knowledge

High knowledge and real estate market experience, acquired through working for the biggest asset management and private markets companies in London for over a decade.


Multilingual, I speak French, English, Spanish, German, Italian and currently learning Tagalog. Feel free to contact me.


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New life

Last month, my partner and I moved to Cebu, in the Philippines. I’ve always wanted to move to the Philippines, the question was only, when? After some personal circumstances, and trying to move to Singapore, Read more…

Sardinia Travel Vlog

Last month, I went on a mini road trip in Sardinia. If you want to know more about it, watch the video below: We started from Cagliari, then drove to Alghero, then Stintino, back to Read more…

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