New life

Last month, my partner and I moved to Cebu, in the Philippines. I’ve always wanted to move to the Philippines, the question was only, when? After some personal circumstances, and trying to move to Singapore, we finally decided to take the plunge.

We had to rent out our London apartment, find tenants, empty it, etc. I was spending most of the evenings throwing, sorting and trying to sell clothes, shoes… You don’t realize how much stuff you have until you need to empty a 50 square meter apartment, which you thought was small. The more we emptied, the more stuff we found. It was never ending. We also had to sell or get rid of furniture and beddings.

To ship our belongings, we used a balikbayan box service, LT Express. We sent two jumbo boxes and one medium. Again, evenings spent deciding what to send, how to pack and keeping track exactly of each and every single item, as it has to be listed down.

Of course we were excited. Some days I had doubts, some days I couldn’t wait any longer. It was a whirlwind of emotions. On top of that, I also had to empty my childhood room in the house where I grew up. So it was like dealing with two moves at the same time, and in two different countries, as my house is in Luxembourg.

We both quit our jobs, and it wasn’t easy. It is never easy saying goodbye. Well, we were so busy that we didn’t properly say goodbye to our friends. I said goodbye to my family, and met friends on one-to-one to properly catch up. What a strange feeling walking the streets of London, thinking it would be the last time.

So here we are, in Cebu, settling in and adapting. You can see more in my Youtube channel as well.

The future is exciting.

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