60 seconds

60 seconds free fall, 2 minutes with the parachute. Yes, I went skydiving in Dubai and it was amazing!

My best friend decided she wanted to do it, and I thought, why not?! Why not do it together for an unforgettable experience!

We booked our Skydive tandem 3 weeks before the said date, as I had planned to go to Dubai visit my best friend. It’s a little pricey, but includes everything, tandem instructor, film and photos.


We had booked our slot at 11am, so we went to Skydive Dubai 15 minutes earlier. Little did we know that after filling all the forms, there was still one hour wait-time. So we went outside to have a look at the others who were arriving from their Skydive and eat and drink something.

After one hour, we went back inside. Our instructor harnessed us and explained us what to do. Ok, so far, everything seems easy.

Skydive Dubai

Finally, we headed to the plane, each one of us with our instructor and our cameraman. Mine was late so I entered the plane last!


Dubai skyline in the background

There were clothing instructions hence the simple and comfy outfit (no short shorts, no V-neck, etc).

As we took altitude, the cameraman opened the back door, and then I got really scared. I realized, yes there is only one way out and it will be through this door. My heart was pounding! Then he closed the door and filmed me for my last impressions. As I entered last, I was the first one to jump. I thought, what?! The first one! I won’t be seeing how other people are getting on…

Finally, my instructor attached me to him and we went on the edge of the door.


There’s no turning back

At that moment, you’re not really thinking and everything is going so quickly. The cameraman jumps, then you, pushed by your instructor.

You are in the air. Falling. For 60 seconds.


I actually look quite happy here. I think when we jumped I was screaming, but then you just look at the cameraman not really knowing what’s going on. You are just falling. 13,000 feet.

Falling, or flying!


I’m flying!

After 60 seconds, the instructor opens the parachute. Then you slowly fly/go down during 2 minutes.


It’s actually quite nice. I enjoyed the view of the Palm, of Dubai and the surroundings. You don’t know where to look, everywhere you look is mesmerizing.

Then we finally reached the landing point.



Yes, I did it!

I now understand why you don’t have to wear shorts. The straps are very tight so it would hurt, plus it is a bit chilly up there!

I never felt this way before, such adrenaline! It was an intense and amazing feeling. I think I would do it again!

In the end, we waited for our photos and film, for about 40 minutes.

My best friend and I couldn’t believe we had done it!

I would like to thank Skydive Dubai, the instructors Alberto/Junior and the cameraman Anas for making us feel so good and being so professional. You really feel safe and see how everything is going smoothly.

Next up, the video!

12 thoughts on “60 seconds”

  1. Hi Stella,
    what is this?
    From Marina in Munic i got to the next adventure high up in the sky…
    London is my favorite town. Don`t need any other town, having e beer at Covent Garden. St James Park etc.pp
    I ask myself `when was the last time, you did something for the first timeΒ΄.
    The only problem is, that i don`t like to fly by airlines.
    OK, that was really impressing!
    See you and bye so long!
    Btw.: IΒ΄m writing articles about politics at the moment, but i also have done some in English about Lifestyle etc.pp

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