Food addiction?

Last week-end I went back to Luxembourg to see my family.

The first stop had to be Oberweis. If you ever have the occasion to go to Luxembourg, there won’t be much to do but make sure you taste a cake from Oberweis or Namur. Namur despite its name is Luxemburgish and not Belgian!


On Monday, I met up with my previous flatmates and we decided to go to My Old Dutch. On Mondays they have a special offer where you only pay five pounds for a savoury or sweet crêpe. Be warned, those crêpes are enormous!

IMG_20150223_182747 IMG_20150223_182803 IMG_20150223_185411

It’s as if you were eating a pizza but on a crêpe base! After this we didn’t have space for a sweet crêpe.

Today I met up with my cousin and we decided to try this “new” place, Smack Lobster Roll Deli, from the same owners of “Burger and Lobster”. The concept is pretty simple, you can choose different toppings for your lobster roll, and original sides – I went for courgette fries.

IMG_20150226_191311 IMG_20150226_191314 IMG_20150226_192037 IMG_20150226_212901 IMG_20150226_212939


I would say it’s good value for money, I paid 12 pounds for a lobster roll and side, but the place is not a place where you can stay for long. I didn’t find the seating very comfortable, but maybe that’s just me!

The bar downstairs seemed nice, though, as it was quiet, good point when you want to catch up with friends, as bars and pubs tend to be so loud in London.

London has so much cuisine to offer and there are still many more places I need to try.

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