Long time no see, well I went back to France for Christmas. Hope you enjoyed some well-deserved time with your families.

Before that I had been to Paris with work, and I of course went to Galeries Lafayette admire the Christmas tree there and the various windows.


Swarovksi tree!

IMG_20141204_170049 IMG_20141204_170405

Merry Burberry Christmas!


Just, j’adore…


Eiffel Tower seen from the roof of the Printemps shop.

So, what did you all do for Christmas? We had a pretty nice family reunion and my mom baked two Christmas “bûches”, it is a special French cake for Christmas (literally Christmas log). One was chocolate flavoured and the other one, tiramisu!

IMG_20141225_130857 IMG_20141225_155714

Let’s eat!

For new year’s eve, I went back to London and celebrated in a Mansion house in Belgravia.

For the occasion, I tried to curl my hair…


Make-up is by me and from Naked 3 palette, lipstick from Gucci.

Hope you all enjoyed these festive times! (Sorry for the quality of the pictures as they come from my phone)


Stella Aquino

Half French, half Filipina, I moved to Cebu, Philippines, after working and living in London for over a decade.


Inspiration Indulgence · January 4, 2015 at 6:16 pm

Love it. It is a lifetime dream of mine to see Paris 🙂

Stella Aquino · January 4, 2015 at 6:19 pm

Oh, thanks! I shall be posting more about Paris soon 🙂

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