My dream brunch

Hi all!

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen I was in Paris last week-end.

And it made me think that I would like to hold one day a dream brunch there, what’s more on a terrace or balcony with the view of the Eiffel Tower. Now that would be dreamy! Maybe I would need to find a hotel with such a view, or a flat on Airbnb.

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Flowers to compliment the table

For the menu, it would be French of course.


Quiche lorraine for starters.


Chocolate crepes!

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Croissant, coffee and mimosa bar with a choice of juices and fresh fruitĀ .

It’s easy to create this menu at home, too!

I should try to invite some friends and do this brunch in real life.

I could invite all my friends with stylish, elegant and classic paperless invitations. There is a great selection of online invitations at PaperlessĀ Post!

And you, would you come to such a brunch?


All photo credits from Pinterest

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