Secret Garden

Saturdays are meant to be for dreams… And yesterday I lived yet another dream, attending the Secret Garden party, from the Secret Brunch series. It was different this time but also very interesting.

The theme was “Garden Club Chic”, where florals and pastels were the centre point. As usual, the place was released on the said morning, and it was nowhere else than at the very chic Coq d’Argent!

Upon arrival, we went for the special brunch menu.


Secret Brunch menu

My friend and I decided to wear complimentary outfits.


My friend went for florals


Eating area


I went for pastel lilac


Waiting to be served


Smoked salmon for my friend


Courgette, tomato and aubergine tart


Bitter chocolate and confit orange fondant

The food was really good, exquisite flavours combined with a heatlthy twist. What more can you ask for? The only thing is that the wait was a bit long, as it was a first for the Coq d’Argent staff.

As we know one of the Secret Brunch’s organizer, he told us the show was going to start, so we hurried to finish our dessert.

We went to the main garden/rooftop area, where the party began.


London’s skyline in the background


Let the show start!

IMG_20150711_150710 IMG_20150711_150822 IMG_20150711_150824 IMG_20150711_150934 IMG_20150711_151057

Bubbles in the sky

IMG_20150711_151317 IMG_20150711_152151

Inside Coq d’Argent


Dress: People are People (from the Philippines), bag: Prada

IMG_20150711_152253 IMG_20150711_153351 IMG_20150711_154225

Refreshing cocktails


Love my friend’s nails!

IMG_20150711_164659 IMG_20150711_165825

Dress cut out’s details

IMG_20150711_170147 IMG_20150711_171954 IMG_20150711_172009

The Secret Brunch team

It was such a glorious day in London, sunny, clear blue skies, something we don’t experience often in the City.

At first, my friend and I didn’t enjoy as much, as the place was a bit narrow and packed. But then we told our organizer friend, and he moved us to behind the stage where we had far more space. Secret Brunch’s hospitality is always amazing.

From there, we enjoyed the view, the music and the party better! Full blast music on, the sun was shining, the heat was on.


1 Poultry


As we left, we could still hear the music that played above. It was funny to see tourists wondering what was going on. Who would have ever guessed one of London’s best event was happening up there!

No two SB’s are ever the same

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