SM Trinoma

While in the Philippines, I enjoy catching up with my family. This afternoon, I met up with my two cousins and we went shopping at SM Trinoma, in Quezon City.

What’s good about malling during day time is that it is less crowded. One this occasion, I just wore something casual, then I found a lovely pair of glittery wedges at the Landmark and wore them right away.

thumb__D7K5639_1024 thumb__D7K5640_1024

Gold, glitter, white? Yes!


Bag: Longchamps, T-Shirt: Zara, Skirt: Zara, Wedges: The Landmark

thumb__D7K5646_1024 thumb__D7K5648_1024 thumb__D7K5649_1024

And yes, I also stopped to buy local fashion, as you can see from my orange bag, I checked out Crossings. I absolutely love the unknown Filipino brands. The outfit from the previous post is actually from there!

In the meantime, reality has hit hard in London. New job, getting adjusted to a new rythm, and the summer slowly vanishing…

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