Amazing Coron – part 2

After leaving Kayangan Lake, we went to another island where we had lunch.

DSC07563 DSC07574 DSC07564

Perfect beach, clear skies, pristine water…

On the third day, we went diving. Well, I just snorkelled as I cannot dive because of a problem with my ears. I tried, but couldn’t equalize. My best friend dived with our new Emirati friends. They were staying at the same hotel, and to be able to dive our dive instructor put us as a group so we can all go together. While they were diving in the ship wrecks, remains of WWII, I was swimming or snorkelling. The dives only lasted 30 minutes anyway.

At night, we went to eat lobster at Lobster King. We indulged in fresh lobsters, crab and oysters. We had so much food I started to feel a bit funny.

On our last day, we went onto the top of Coron and admired the view. Again there were quite a few steps, a bit more than 700. Make sure to bring water and make breaks.

DSC07611 DSC07610 DSC07609

That view, though


The climb was a bit exhausting especially under the heat, but the view was definitely worth it.

After this we went to Coron Hot Springs.


Very hot water



What to say about the Hot Springs? Definitely not worth it! Ok we made the mistake of going in the morning, well we had no choice as we were leaving after lunch. But this is a place to go maybe start of the evening when it’s cooler. And even, I didn’t enjoy at all. The water was hot at 38-39 degrees. And it was hot, and the smell… silt, mud… although it looked clean.

We stayed there maybe for 10 minutes despite having paid for entry fee.

If you’re going to Coron, I would suggest not wasting your time at the Hot Springs! Only the mangroves around made the place interesting, but other than that…

Well, our Coron trips ends here… Next time you’ll know more about Boracay!


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