Brighton Rock

Not talking about the movie with Sam Riley, but Brighton definitely rocks!

Sun has popped out for a few days in London, and my friends and I spontaneously decided to go to Brighton on Saturday. We left London in the early morning and arrived before 11am in Brighton.

It was a good idea as the beach and Brigton Pier were still relatively empty.

IMG_20150418_112057 IMG_20150418_112601

Sun is here!

IMG_20150418_112929 IMG_20150418_113532

We decided to walk around the Pier and went back to the town and went to see the Brighton Pavilion.

IMG_20150418_121448 IMG_20150418_122358

We continued touring the city and got lost in the Lanes, where there are a lot of quirky shops and jewellery shops.



We walked back to the beach where we had our lunch and decided to take a little nap.


Seeing that we had seen most of Brighton, we decided to walk away as we wanted to go closer to the cliffs.

IMG_20150418_163324 IMG_20150418_161232

We wanted to walk until a windmill we could see from afar. Little did we know it was the Rottingdean Windmill. We actually had walked 6,5km without stopping or noticing it!


The Rottingdean Windmill

It was very windy so we took a break and returned to Brighton, with the bus this time.

IMG_20150418_173120 IMG_20150418_182017

It was a very sunny and windy day in Brighton, far from any murder like in “Brighton Rock”. I would say one day is enough to visit Brighton and the beach is a pebble beach, so don’t expect too much!

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