Dinner at Yauatcha Soho

On the day my best friend visited me in London, I had booked since days, what am I saying, weeks, Yauatcha’s restaurant in Soho. I had heard about this place so many times and needed to try it, plus it’s a Michelin star. Someone had recommended me to ask for a table near the aquarium, which I requested online in the booking form.


And to our surprise we were seating right next to it.


The starry ceiling

I immediately loved the ambiance. The music was really good, good chilled house and other types, the decoration resembled an oriental temple.

The staff were also very nice and made us feel at home. I think we were also greeted by the manager.

As we were starving, we ordered, and to our surprise, didn’t know what to order. So much choice!

My friend doesn’t like dumplings, so I first ordered some. I think they were recommended and were with shrimp? We also asked for rosé wine.


As we were very hungry, we decided to order a lot of food. Little did we know we wouldn’t be able to finish everything…

IMG_20150904_212409 IMG_20150904_212535 IMG_20150904_212727

So we shared a portion of egg fried rice, one Kung Pao chicken with cashew nuts, one Thai style chicken with onion, mango, papaya, chili and coriander, and a signature dish, Cheung fun, but I don’t remember which one. What a feast! We didn’t finish the rolls, though.

The Kung Pao chicken was delicious, but it is a spicy dish. Actually you could eat it so as long as you don’t eat the red chilis. The Thai chicken was also very tasty, with subtle aromatic notes of mango and coriander. Interesting combination.

We were full, but were amazed at how good the food was, so we had to try their dessert!

IMG_20150904_221719 IMG_20150904_221708

My friend went for the Cassis and Violet grand macaron and me for the Passion fruit mango dome. There were no more chocolate-based dessert… The desserts were as good as they looked like, or even better. Fine French patisserie, what a delight for us French girls.

I spent a very good evening at Yauatcha. It is trendy, has a young and sophisticated crowd and the service is on point. Our final bill amounted to £98. Not bad when you think of everything we ordered for two people.

All in all, I really enjoyed the food and atmosphere at Yauatcha and will definitely come back. There is still so much to try and taste…! And they have a lot of deals and offers, too.


And you, have you tried Yauatcha?


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