Tea time at Ham Yard Hotel

My best friend spending the week-end in London, I wanted to try a new tea time place with her. Having been to the Ham Yard hotel a week before for some cocktails (which, by the way, were amazing), I decided to try their Afternoon tea.

The Ham Yard hotel is part of the Firmdale group and is nestled in Soho, very close to Piccadilly tube station. The romantic lit-way path will lead to you to the hotel.

IMG_20150906_160736 IMG_20150906_160804

The bar area

Upon arrival, we were placed at our table. We were disappointed as we were not in the veranda area, but just next to it. We both ordered our tea selection, and went for the normal “Afternoon tea” formula at £19.50.

We waited impatiently for our food, which after 45 minutes didn’t arrive yet. We complained because our tea was getting cold and people who arrived after us were being served before us. To make up for it, the waitress offered us two champagne flutes and new sets of teas.


Afternoon Tea menuIMG_20150906_161441 IMG_20150906_163518

Our tea getting cold…IMG_20150906_163607

And finally our food arrived.


A selection of savouries, cakes, scones with clotted cream and jam.

IMG_20150906_171231 IMG_20150906_171236

The food was good, there were a lot of scones, about six. The champagne really blended well with the food and the tea. The cakes were a bit too sweet to my taste, but that’s because I don’t like cinnamon.

The éclair was not a real French one, as it was chocolate with cream inside (not chocolate inside).

Overall I think the Afternoon tea at the Ham Yard is good value for money, not extremely delicious but tasty and refined, still. The bill came up to £5 more because the teas we chose were “special” ones. That was not clearly indicated on the menu. The wait was also quite long, 45 minutes, despite the place not being full. When I last came for cocktails, I remember we waited as well.

But the interiors are really refined and original, and we also checked their “rooftop garden”, which doesn’t really offer a view but still provides a calm and serene place in London.

I think I will definitely come back to this place to try lunch or dinner, as it is conveniently located, and a nice spot for when visitors come.

And you, will you or have you tried their Afternoon tea?


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