So you said Secret Brunch?

A few weeks ago, one of my friend told me about this event, the Secret Brunch. I had done a Love Brunch in the past at the Roof Gardens, but had never heard about the Secret Brunch.

So when she told me about, I didn’t decide right away to buy the ticket, but wish I had because the ticket I took later was already more expensive. The event was sold out in one day!

The Secret Brunch is a brunch party with a secret location until the said day. And there is a specific dress code. For this one (June 6th), it was ‘Vintage Country Club Chic’:


Shoes: Wedges, heels and well-presented Sandals

Bottoms: Pleated Midi skirts, Tailored shorts, Fitted Neutral Trousers

Tops: Chiffon Blouses and Cotton Shirts with Fitted Blazers

Accessories: Oversized Sun Hats and sunglasses, Straw Panama Hats OR Boating Hats

Ok, that was easy. For the occasion I wore skorts from Zara, a Burberry shirt and brought a white blazer and sunglasses.

On the said day, we finally knew where the event was going to take place, and it was nowhere else than at Bluebird Chelsea. I never actually went there so it was a good opportunity. Upon arrival, we had to go upstairs and arrived in a big room, decorated with flowers and the DJ was already playing. I arrived around 12 with my friend.

IMG_20150606_121551 IMG_20150606_121812 IMG_20150606_121827

We decided to go for food first, as there was a special Secret Brunch menu.



Truffle Mac and Cheese

IMG_20150606_130708 IMG_20150606_133336

Flourless chocolate cake

The food was good but I was not that keen on the chocolate cake, the texture was a little bit strange.

After this, we went for drinks at the bar, and we started meeting and talking to people, some other friends joined and the party began! There was a fashion show to start with.

IMG_20150606_140940 IMG_20150606_141040 IMG_20150606_152930

I never expected I would be partying the whole afternoon, as my friend and I left at 5PM! The atmosphere was so nice and friendly and everybody was in a good mood. It was one of the best event I’ve attended so far in London.

There is going to be a Secret Rooftop event on the 27th June, but look no further, the event sold out in 2 hours…

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