When in Rome – part 2

I had some struggle sorting out the Internet at my new place, and after the internet provider sent me an engineer and three routers, it finally works…!

So I wanted to talk about the most amazing ruins I have ever seen: the Coliseum. So much history, so much grandeur and beauty. Yet so much pain, violence and cruelty. There were even women gladiators. How come they are not depicted more in movies? There was also a time where gladiators were fighting with “fake” wooden arms, and a time where the show was more like a circus with wild animals.

It was all for the show, and gladiators had like a lift system to appear on stage, just like today’s super stars would do to appear on stage. Madonna didn’t invent anything in the end, haha. But here, the shows were free for everyone.


Imagine the stage in the centre.


IMG_20150503_102038 IMG_20150503_102439

Five different levels for five different social classes.


The lift system.


So, I hope you are as astonished as I am. If you ever go to the Coliseum, the first Sunday of the month is free, but make sure to arrive in the early morning to avoid long lines.

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