When in Rome – part 1

When in Rome, do as the Romans do

I spent the long weekend in Rome with friends and we had marvellous, sunny weather. We had three intense days as none of us had ever visited Rome before, and we wanted to make the most of our trip!

On our first day, we took a hop on, hop off bus. I have to admit, I don’t usually take theses buses but it is quite useful to have an idea of where things are and how close or far.

But first, we checked in at our respective hotels. I had booked the Radisson Blu hotel. Just a suggestion, if you’re booking a hotel in Rome, avoid booking behind the Termini station (where the Radisson is located). The area can be a bit dodgy at night, but if you’re accompanied I guess there’s no problem.


The standard room



I liked the modern feel about the room.

So after checking in, we went to see the Trevi Fountain which unfortunately is under renovation until October 2015, so there was no water and scaffolding… But you can walk closer to the sculptures.


The majestic sculptures


We just wandered around, finished taking the hop on, hop off bus and ended the night in a restaurant which served Rome specialities. A lot of dishes included chicken tripes!

The next day was an early day, as we had booked a tour guide to the Coliseum at 8.30. I started the day with a light breakfast, which I regretted later as the tour was very long!


Not a chocolate fan?!


Nice view by the pool


This is the stunning view from the Coliseum when you get out of the metro station, breathtaking! An early start at 8.30am was definitely worth it.

More on the Coliseum in a next post!

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